Molten Lava Vs Giant Ice Block Experiment

27 Pri 2019
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In this video we played with lava and dumped it on things
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  • We're u get this lava

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  • JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • you.

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  • Where did you find lava past Jimmy?

    Mandy_ ZeroMandy_ Zero9 orë më parë
    • He made it

      Carrus Brick ProductionsCarrus Brick Productions5 orë më parë
  • Where did he even get lava

    BL4CK FL4MEBL4CK FL4ME10 orë më parë
    • He made it

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  • Hot pockets have glass in em I ate one and I had surgry

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    • Ppfffff u fell for that losers

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    Adams clay and stop motionAdams clay and stop motion11 orë më parë
  • Me: give me LEGO Mr beast: burn it

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  • HotStop

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  • Lava vs Ice Cream: Me: Stuff just got real

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  • Hey my names Mavrick

  • How do you get a molten lava?

    janine isabelle antesjanine isabelle antes16 orë më parë
    • They made it

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  • Jimmy vs lava

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  • Nokia vs lava

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  • how do you do tho get lava

    Mathias CASSEMathias CASSE20 orë më parë
  • Im pretty sure the lava they used wasn't real molten magma since it looks too watery and I think it's molten metal since you can kinda see the metallic substance

    Jace is coolJace is cool22 orë më parë
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  • Mrbeast Doing Something

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  • lol

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  • No one= Chandler= "The toliets clogged I need a plunger" *"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"* "The plungers gone"

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  • Hi

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  • Anyone out here thinking that he created the Bush fires 🤣🧐

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  • Lol

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  • Jimmy where the hel do you get all your lava?

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  • MrBeast : -420°C Physics laws and absolute 0 at -273,15°C : am I a joke to you ?

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  • Chandler: SOMEONE GIVE ME A PLUNGER *someone give the plunger* Chandler: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Chandler: The plunger is gone Me:HERE 400 PLUNGERS

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    • Wheres the other 20?

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  • Logan paupers for LIFE! ALSO technoblade sucks

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  • MrBeast being kidnapped: Kidnapper: You're gonna come with me, [drags MrBeast] MrBeast: No,stop. Kidnapper: Sure

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  • Stop saying maverick

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  • This vidio sponsored by lava 😀

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  • I love your videos mrbeast

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  • I need a plunger 2 seconds later 'the plungers gone

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  • OH No?!?! No ps4

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  • Noooooooooooooo Lego :( why Lego

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  • Why is the ice cream on fire-Jimmy 0:45

    That workout guy 1That workout guy 1Ditë më parë
  • As a trumpet player I can confirm the chili one was unsatisfying

    Brandon DohmeierBrandon DohmeierDitë më parë
  • Dude i have asthma and very rarely is allowed to eat icecream The first one triggered me

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  • ?

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  • How did you get the lavas

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  • I subbed just bc it’s a banger vid

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  • On the donut one it should say mr beast Vs donut

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  • Rip Viking

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  • My question is where did Jimmy get the Lava?

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  • Will smith memer

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  • What the heck sto Mt beast

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  • mr beast you are poor

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    • After seeing Almost all vdeos where he gave away money I Don’t think so.

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  • When they smashed the clock with a rock the time stoped

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  • Go to 2:38

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  • more colder than 0 absolute

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  • cool

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  • 😂 Lol

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  • 4:56 Dora beast

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    • Look at dora’s merch

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  • 3:14 why he frowning

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  • i loves the chandler vs poop

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  • my hot pocket!!!

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  • I'm from Philippines i want to see MrBeast in Personal so I can ask for Coolest Thing ever

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  • Lava vs lava

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  • 1:29 The Apple Throw

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  • The Ice is lavafobic

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  • When chandler said i lost the toilet i luaghed so hard😂

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  • jimmy have good aim + go install honey

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  • In my recommendations for trice lol (trice = three times + twice)

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  • Relly good s funny😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Oh my what did I just see -

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  • How did you get all these lava?

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  • Lol This is so amazing

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  • Foolish and selfish

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  • Someone just throwing apple into someone

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  • what 🤯 that was amazing really cool

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  • Gone are the days where lava in a bucket only exists in minecraft

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  • ok and the ink machine songs that look

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  • Hxuz

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  • How can a milky liquid get on fire?

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  • Uhhh he forgot Lava Vs Tooth Brush

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  • Who is after Viking left 😰😰😰😥

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  • XD Hahaha

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  • I thought he would have said subscribe or I will burn you in lava

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  • Mr beast you are the best youtuber ever

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  • My brother name is maverick

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  • trumpet versus

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  • MrBeast is the best youtuber.

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  • What you came for: 6:13

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  • Ice is melting from lava

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