I Spent 24 Hours In A Doomsday Bunker

11 Pri 2020
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The bunker gets crazier as the video goes on!
For more info on this bunker check out their site here: www.survivalcondo.com
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  • In case you’re wondering this video was filmed weeks ago before the stay at home orders! Wuv you guys and make sure to social distance ❤️ Btw you should subscribe or I’ll punch your foot.

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  • 2 to 4?

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    • 2 to 3 (:

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  • I find it funny how he uploaded it when lockdown was getting started and getting worse

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  • Ello

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  • But the most important thing, is there wifi

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  • Mrbeast is so funny

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  • cool

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  • 5:02 explains why jimmy is the richest

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  • Probably one of my favorite Mr. Beast videos hands-down

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  • Ah yes, this is a normal house....

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  • 2:54 best question of the year

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  • oh my

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  • Ahhhhhhh Bacon idk

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  • Where is this at????

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  • 10:33 “i lvoe u“ xD

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  • Kawalski! Jimmy at 12 o’clock

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  • 9:16 Fish becomes tree, tree becomes poo, and poo becomes fish. logic.

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  • 3:22

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  • 10:32 i LVOE you too :)

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  • Yea

  • Most of it was just them gambling

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  • Hello

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  • Where is that bunker-?

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  • Well now my Reservoir Facility feels stupid... You know if you know, Xbox gang.

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  • 3:22 Chandler is the only kn who walked

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    • Ikr

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  • how is this a challenge tho

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  • This made me feel so suffocated

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  • Yo

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  • hi

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  • 0:38 Camera Man: hey what about me?

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  • Ah, I see, you're doing a Morgz difficulty challenge

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  • This is intense

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  • Mr beast if he dindnt have so much money:I destroyed my friends car and didn’t give him a new one

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  • Wish this was my home or house, whatever fits.

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    • Both of them fit I see , you’re rewatching Mr.Beast’s videos as well

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  • 1:56 Teletubbies leir😂

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  • Imagine being lockdowned in this place.

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  • In. The appocalipse I think Mr beast will be helping people

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  • Imagen if it locked them n he bunker :0

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  • Time for Huggies 🤗😆🥰

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  • 1:33 1:33 spam it 1:33 1:33 1:33 1:33

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  • To all the Filipino's out there 8:46

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  • Who fart3:21

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  • Green cam man

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  • It’s official, i vote mr beast for president.

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  • I love your videos

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  • try spending 24 houres in space that would be cool

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  • 5:50 I love you Jimmy 😍💝💝

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  • Fallout 6 confirmed

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  • 8:48 What did this turn into Gordon Ramsay

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  • Anyone know what this place is called and where?

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  • Mr bunker

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  • jimmy said “misses-sile”

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  • you ghakc for morny

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  • *D O F I S H G E T T H I R S T Y*

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  • Imagine casually betting 2 grand on a game of pool.

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  • Door

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  • Mr beast is so kind

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  • I don't think it's possible for pool to bore you

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  • Buy dis place beast im da frurture its worth 2mil now

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  • Plot twist: this is a house tour

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  • This place has better security than the capital

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  • Jimmy: I wonder what chandler is up to. Doing chandler things, xD

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  • The beast is my favorite person I want to meet you at this building

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  • “What is that?“ “Lettuce.“ “And that?“ “LeTtUcE.“

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  • 10:31 is when the messed up of spelling

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  • Was it paradise?

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  • What if your hand got stuck in the front door

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  • how did you get acess to the bunker

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  • I kinda want a zombie apocalypse to happen now....

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  • 0:03 WeRE

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  • "I lvoe you too" Yep that sounds right

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  • I SPENT 24 HOURS IN LUXURY!!!!1!!1 SO HARD!!!!!!1

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  • The public printer overwhelmingly rinse because cauliflower technically subtract minus a dynamic heat. common, concerned precipitation

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  • Nananannananannananannana

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  • Chandler is skard

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  • To keep people safe if the world ended well it’s ended

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  • hhh honestly I only watch me beast bcuz I'm a karl simp

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  • when ur twin appers in ur bunk bed 7:47

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  • Chandler left the bunker without his backpack

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  • Who else was watching chandler at 1:07

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  • poggers

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  • You can play Among Us in thid Bunker😂

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  • i wanted to go there i love the pool

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  • This remembered me of counter strike 😑😑

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  • This is the vault that is actually safe in fallout 4

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  • Water???

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  • How can I breath

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  • Dude you vids cray

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