$250,000 Influencer Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

25 Pri 2020
37 786 529 Shikime

This rock, paper, scissors tournament consists of 32 of the worlds biggest influencers! $250,000 will go to a charity of the winner's choice. :D
Game 1 - David Dobrik vs Tana Mongeau
Game 2 - Jeffree Star vs Casey Neistat
Game 3 - Faze Rug vs iJustine
Game 4 - Mini Ladd vs Chris Ramsay
Game 5 - Valkyrae vs Kwebble
Game 6 - Matt Dajer (of Yes Theory) vs KSI
Game 7 - Mark Rober vs LaurDIY (Lauren)
Game 8 - Matpat (of The Game Theorists) vs Matt Stonie
Game 9 - Ninja vs Lazarbeam
Game 10 - Tfue vs Pokimane
Game 11 - Nadeshot vs Jack Black
Game 12 - Marques Brownlee vs Addison Rae
Game 13 - Zach King vs LaurenZside
Game 14 - Dallmyd vs Jaiden Animations
Game 15 - Preston vs Juanpa
Game 16 - Rosanna Pansino vs Juca

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    • @ThatGuy72 0⁰äqää 7u

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    • *laurenzside gets eliminated* Me: PANIC *rosanna and jaiden made it* Me: calm *realzing they might get eliminated later on* PANIC

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  • this is awesome

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  • 6:48 I do scissors every time I do rock paper scossors

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  • 7 : 26

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  • Casey is so much scary

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  • To UN Foundation

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  • all of them

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  • wow okay when did this happen

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  • 1st round girls wins 2nd round guys wins

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  • where's pewdiepie

  • lmfao give the cdc money instead of your local goodwill

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  • I wanted PEWDS

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  • I love preston

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  • 3:28 how its cute

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  • I love rock paper scissors and I love your work

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  • i wanted Preston to take the w

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  • I love beast burger

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  • Wow i would’ve bet that David Dobrik would’ve won because of how lucky he is but to see him go down to Tana..... huge disappointment

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  • Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

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  • Hello mr. Beast im one of your huge fan here in the Philippines and a huge fan of your works.. Wishing you a long life to keep on helping those who are in need and keep intertaining other specially those who have disorders..

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  • Ninja sucks

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  • a hundred dollars would go along way to your fan in the Philippines who was left jobless due to covid19 :-)

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  • I’m surprised that Lauren didn’t bring in the “well I’m against a magician” card XD

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  • I love this guy

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  • 4:39 hyper weirdo

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  • Mrbeast: I invited all of the biggest youtubers I know...... PewDiePie: Am I a joke to you 0:01

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  • Haha David Dobrick actually won because apparently in the rules when u do paper flat and the other person does rock then rock wins because they smash paper well at least that is what my friends told me

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  • Okkk is you

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  • In the end it doesn’t even matter😂😂

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  • The only thing that ruined it a teensy little bit was the damelios

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